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RAVN - Alternative nordic pop

What has been the biggest lesson from the coronavirus? That sanitizer is important? Zoom meetings are tiring? Or maybe most of all, that nature triumphs every time? RAVN wants to underline the inevitable connection to nature that humans have. Through their music, they invite the listener to a much needed solace from the ravens perspective on top of experimental pop.

RAVN is a danish duo, consisting of Laura Ritsmar and Anton Sherar. They have widely different backgrounds, but when they combine forces through music, something magical occurs, which is just as inexplicable as nature itself.

Nature in particular is a vital ingredient in RAVNs story. Everything is told through the ravens perspective, and perhaps it is this narrative we need more than ever before. In a world where constant stress and overload of our senses looms above us like black clouds, perhaps it is time for us to turn our gaze towards our cornerstone: Nature.

The listener should reflect themselves within the protagonist Raven, and be able to let go. The music and lyrics describe commonly known situations – easy as well as difficult. Situations where one’s inner battles about whether to journey into the unknown and potentially dangerous, or whether to stay within one’s safe environment. The difficulty in throwing away what’s closest, even though one knows it is an inevitability in the end.

Quiet Forest


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Artist, producer, songwriter

Pop, electronica, trip-hop, folktronica

2019 – now