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Discover your inner liar and push your social skills to the limit — while fighting for your survival.

First Class Trouble is an asymmetric multiplayer game that blends cooperation and deception as players try to figure out who they can trust as they fight to survive aboard a luxury space cruise-liner that’s had an A.I. uprising.

You find yourself in the aftermath of a hostile take-over by an onboard AI.
A band of 6 surviving players must work together to try and escape the interstellar space ship, Alithea. But it’s not going to be easy. Two of the players are the onboard android crew (Personoids) in disguise and they will be more focused on serving pain than beverages.
Cooperation is key to success, but trust will be in short supply as the four remaining players attempt to figure out who the Personoids in their ranks are.


Video Game

Invisible Walls

Sound Designer, Level Design, Visual Programming

PC, PS5, XBOX, Switch, Tablet

Multiplayer, Co-op, Social Deduction

Early access 2021