Audio Branding Consultant

Sonic Minds

We Empower Brands by Sound

Sonic Minds is an agency, specialized in audio branding, sound design, and music production. Driven by the power of music’s sound and soul, we strengthen brands and products by creating engaging audio experiences in all brand touchpoints.

Since 2004, we have helped our clients strengthen their brand and products with sound and music. Even though Audio branding is one of the newest players in marketing communications, it’s increasingly becoming one of the most valued ones. Music is vital in today’s digital world to take the customer experience to new heights by creating emotions and engaging interaction.

We combine our Danish heritage and knowledge for high-end audio and sound production with our Scandinavian tradition for great quality and design. Together with our global approved partner network of skilled musicians, sound designers, and mastering engineers, we deliver the absolute best solutions to our clients.


Sonic Minds

Audio Branding Consultant, Sound Designer