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Tænk på: Finanskriser

Tænk på: Finanskriser

Tænk på: finanskriser is a podcast on finance

Tænk på: Finanskriser is a podcast in Danish made for a school project, made with three of my fellow students Frederik Max, Mikkel Holm-Nielsen & Birk Bønløkke.

The podcast is primarily aimed at young adults who seek more knowledge about how to prepare for a financial crisis as well as answering what a financial crisis is.

In order to maintain a factual and objective outlook, we interviewed professionals, including: A macro analyst from Sydbank, a chief strategist in economy from financial advisor Demetra as well as two journalists from two of the biggest newspapers in Denmark, Berlingske & Politiken. 

In producing the podcast, I got to develop an from idea to concept to process to structure, and I gained experience in project management , interviewing and working with a team.


Sound designer
Project manager
Mixing & mastering

January 2019