Rhythm spaceship shooter

Space Rhythm

Space Rhythm is a rhythm based spaceship shooter

Space Rhythm is a video game, combining gameplay elements from rhythm based games and spaceship shooter games like Starfox.

Intended as an arcade game, the main objective is for the player to reach a high score, by avoiding patterns of enemy spaceships synced to an increasingly complex spawn rate based on the rhythm of the music.

The overall aesthetic is a hybrid between old and new, taking inspiration from the 80’s bright neon pink colors combined with voxel-style spaceships.

Collecting different powerups, such as shields, health and gravity altering pickups dynamically changes the music as well as other parameters, such as shield sounds and health sounds.

Almost all of the games assets and scripts I have made myself, since I wanted to gain experience and have control over everything.

The game’s soundtrack takes inspiration from 80’s movies like Blade Runner as well as the the electronic genre liquid drum & bass.

Video game

Sound designer
Game designer
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Audio Implementation
FMOD Studio

June 2019